Pre K & Jr. K

4 years – 5 years & one year from Kindergarten eligibility

Our PreKindergarten & Junior Kindergarten program is jam packed with fun activities and educational content! Our Math program uses a hands-on, manipulative approach, children will learn to explore, pattern, sort, classify, count, compare, graph, numbers at a concept level, and place value. Our Pre-Reading/Language Development curriculum confirms knowledge of upper & lowercase alphabet--then proceeds to teach phonics while incorporating a literature basis, ensuring student interest and success. While sounding highly academic, our phonics program teaches through circle time activities, memorizing poems/rhymes, letter tracing, books, vocabulary words and special activities to reinforce learning. Science in the Pre-Kindergarten year is hands-on and experiment based with activities which are child-chosen or teacher selected. Children are provided materials to explore, and experiments to conduct, and will continue to learn the foundations of Science- Query, hypothesize, experiment, and conclude, as they conduct nearly 250 experiments a year. Throughout the day, activities will be presented in large group, small group, and independent/individualized basis preparing children for school attendance the next fall.

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