At Willowcreek Academy we strive to ensure every child has a childhood filled with wonder, fun, health, learning, friendship and safety. Through “thoughtful” play, we help children build positive memories that will last a lifetime, and can provide a solid foundation for their future. Our classrooms are filled with hands-on activities, opportunities for exploration, curiosity, laughter and fun! We have established classroom daily schedules and routines which are based upon the age, attention span, and developmental abilities of the children; promoting a sense of comfort and security. Activities are planned by our professional teaching staff and are set up to allow children to achieve success through mastery while continuing to engage and challenge. In our busy classrooms, you’ll see activities that are provided on an individual, small group, large group basis and can be child chosen or teacher directed. Our faculty is actively involved in supporting each child’s development. The teachers move throughout the classroom providing support, guidance, coaching and interactions which support children as they play. Our creative, open-ended curriculum teaches more than simple school readiness skills; it encourages children to explore, discover, wonder, imagine and to be adventurous in thought and actions.

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